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Managed Security Services and Compliance

On-premises or in the cloud, secure.

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Secure Your Enterprise

Comodo Technology provides IT cybersecurity and compliance solutions as well as it helps build, improve, and maintain your secure environment.

  • Enhance security without impacting your users

  • Gain a central view of your security stack

  • Understand your organization’s security gaps

  • Stay on top of constantly changing threats and toolsets

  • Map compliance to your existing environment

  • Team up with experts to maintain your environment

Due to the challenges with managing your information security in-house, Comodo Technology offer cybersecurity services to assist our clients in providing solution coverage and analysis by certified security experts.

Our Cyber Security Services and Solutions include:

  • Ongoing threat intelligence & protection

  • 24/7 system monitoring

  • 24/7 incident response

  • Robust cloud security

  • Penetration testing

  • Device security and management

  • Network security

  • Firewall setup and monitoring

  • Automated data backup and recovery

  • Endpoint security

  • Advanced antivirus software

  • Cyber Essentials training and accreditation

Comodo Technology’s managed cybersecurity services ensure that every organisation has comprehensive control and monitoring. We protect your business with round-the-clock proactive systems monitoring managed by our elite team of experts, bolstering your business’ digital protection and mitigating security risk.

Comodo Technology service delivers continuous security, health, and monitoring of your systems in real-time, and proactively block threats and resolve issues before they occur to ensure that your company remains safe and protected from cybersecurity threats at all times.

Cybersecurity Protection for Your Business

Security threats are exploding. Malware, phishing, ransomware, wire fraud, and security breaches are just some of the threats faced by every modern organization. Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets. That’s why organizations need to take a layered approach to cybersecurity.  Different types of threats require different security solutions. The Comodo Technology Security Suite allows you to instantly add the security layers that are right for your business.

Our Security Suite is perfect for businesses that…

  • Don’t have in-house security expertise

  • Rely on legacy security solutions that don’t protect against evolving threats

  • Have increasingly tight privacy and regulatory compliance requirements



We often receive questions about our cyber security services so we thought we would clear them up with some helpful FAQs below. Of course, you can also pick the phone up and speak with us as we would be more than happy to help.

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